Our Mission

To manufacture high quality performing cosmetic, thereby ensuring the satisfaction and safety of our clients. We aim to always remain relevant by supporting innovation, maximum competency and social responsibility. We will always put the safety of our clients and quality first.

Our Vision

To penetrate the market and become one of the worlds’ leading cosmetic companies. To uplift Africans and create jobs.

What we do?

Owned by a South African black female who is a Biotechnologist by profession, Chudu cosmetics makes use of South African resources to produce its range of products. We carefully select the best indigenous ingredients to go into our products.

About The Founder

The founder and owner of Chudu Cosmetics is Tshudufhadzo Takalani, a young black female who started the company in 2018 at the age of 26. She is a Biotechnologist by profession and has studied a number of courses related to skincare and cosmetic products at large. She started the business shortly after she moved to Cape Town and in her words she said;

“I’ve always had flawless skin that is until I moved to Cape Town and the reality of how the environment affects our skin began to manifest on my skin. Shortly after moving to Cape Town, my skin began to itch and would develop pimples that left dark marks behind. That affected my confidence a lot, it was then that I decided to put my chemistry and microbiology knowledge into use and developed my own skincare products. I also decided to take a few courses in relation to skincare and cosmetic products, so as to deepen my knowledge in this regards. I started by using the products on my own skin first before taking them out to the people and since then I’ve not stopped using them. My skin has since recovered, I currently still stay in Cape Town and no longer face the skin issues that I faced when I moved here and my confidence has been restored. At Chudu cosmetics we make use of South African organic ingredients to manufacture our products”

You’ve heard it for yourself. The knowledge that she has about Chemistry and Microbiology played a huge role in her making of the skincare products and these products helped her in her time of need.

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